In Warsaw we are able to stop in several places. Besides our main harbour below is the list of other places where we can start or finish cruise - this is only applicable for renting our ships for private tours

The list is updated each time there is new place tested and approved as well as each time high or low water level makes some places not available.



Czerniakowski Harbour - NOT AVAILABLE due to low level of river (Solec 8 street). Modern marina where our ships are staying for night during off-season. We can start or finish cruise for private rent here. You can leave your car here at the Solec street 8 on the small parking place close to blue building (open Mon-Thu 6:00 - 20:00) and in few minutes healthy walk get to our ships. Very close there is Veturilo city bike station (rent a bike, electric bike, children, tandem) from where you can easily bike to city centre or other place - the station 9548 is called "Port Czerniakowski".

Restaurant MIEJSCE.TO - NOT AVAILABLE due to low level of river (Zaruskiego 1 street). Very end of Czerniakowski Harbour is one of the few places in Warsaw where you can see "permanent" houseboats where people live all year. There is olso only restaurant on water open all year, MIEJSCE.TO where we can start/stop the cruise (in restaurant or next to it). In about 15 minutes walk you can enter Royal Łazienki Park and Ujazdowski Castle with centre of Contemporary Art.  Also famous Warsaw football team Legia Stadium is in less then 10 minutes walk - here you can see Legia football museum free of charge.

As we cooperate with restaurant on water MIEJSCE.TO we suggest to consider to plan starting or continuing  your event in this place. You can practically walk into this restaurant from our ship with no steps.

Poniatówka - NOT AVAILABLE due to low level of river (Wybrzeże Szczecińskie 1 street, just next to National Stadium) - official city beach is the place on the right bank of the river close to National Stadium (3 minutes walk). We can stop at the beach where you will walk on the sand! There is simple information on all Warsaw beaches here.

Poniatowski bridge - WIR, new floating bar opened in May 2019 on the river. This place is near Poniatowski bridge, The Tides building, close to Powiśle district. You can eat few types of street food or have a drink - great place to plan to stay longer or wait for our ship in nice atmosphere.

Wisława - new floating bar near Warsaw marmaid and Metro stop Centrum Nauki Kopernik. You can plan to stay there after or before the cruise. Here is the link to Facebook page of Wisława.

Museum of Modern Art (MSN) - place on gen. Patton Boulevard, close to Nowa Fala floating pier. This place is in the center of Powiśle district close to MSN, Copernicus Science Centre and Warsaw University Library. Wide, long concrete stairs will lead to our ship. There are Veturilo city bike stations and several places to eat and drink nearby.

This place may be not available in case river level drops down below 60cm. (on-line river level in polish)

Praska beach (Wybrzeże Helskie 1/5 street) - also called La Playa or Rusałka beach is another natural place on the right bank where we can stop. Similar to other beach you will also need to walk on the sand 50-100 meters until you reach street of Wybrzeże Helskie. In a walking distance you can reach La Playa Music Bar, Line Park or Warsaw Zoo Garden. There is simple information on all Warsaw beaches here.